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About Us

Meta Terminal Solutions

We are a company built on a strong yet simple philosophy: "a belief in putting our client’s interest first".


Meta Terminal Solutions is a leading software development group with an expertise in developing customised solutions and extending application capabilities for MetaTrader and TeamWox products.

We have all the required resources to help our clients select the best business model for running any kinds of brokerage operations and the appropriate settings for implementing their trading platforms. With such customisation, it will be able to help you and your company to establish relationships with banks and bigger brokerage firms to integrate with Clearing House services, Feed Providers and other services.

In this increasingly competitive industry, success rests not on our ability to sell a certain product or service, but to the degree on how our clients value Meta Terminal Solutions as their trusted partner.

Doing so often means moving from conventional manual processes to integrated end to end process automation, more effective collaboration and strategic business planning for growth.

Our clients are the driving force behind what we do. If you have any questions, we will answer them.  

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