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MetaTrader 4 Plugins

Auto-Lock Plugin

The Auto-Lock Plugin is designed to hedge all open positions at Stop-Out level.


Book-Sharing Plugin

The Book-Sharing plugins allows various parties to risk share the company book.


Deposit Limit Plugin

The Deposit Limit plugin is designed to restrict the manager account with a limited amount that it can deposit to a trading account within their assigned groups.

Order Duplication Plugin

The Order Duplication plugin is designed to duplicate groups of account orders to a master account.

Quotes Freeze Plugin

The Quotes Freeze plugin is designed to disable trading on a particular symbol on the market given the price has not been updated during a certain period of time. This plugins is a good insurance against technical failures on datafeeds.

Stop-Out Mail Plugin

The Stop-Out Mail plugin is intended to immediately notify the trader via email that they have reached a Stop-Out.

Commission Plugin

This plugin is intended to employ a certain percentage level of commission to be placed per trade in terms of money placed by the user.

Pending Stop Block Plugin

This plugin is intended to prevent users from requesting a “Buy Stop” and “Sell Stop” order.

Anti-Scalping Plugin

This plugin is designed to prevent traders from deploying scalping expert advisors as to make frequent trades within a small time frame.

Capital Tax Gains Plugin

This plugin is intended to employ a taxable percentage of a closed position on an instrument where a tax will be debited from the users balance upon a Buy or Sell order.

Risk Tool Plugin

This plugin is intended to help manage the dealing desk of the Broker as to appropriate their risk factors by handling order requests and the ability to trigger pending orders.

We encourage you to get in touch with our sales team as to request for any desired plugins.

Get in contact today and let us help you in developing the right plugin to suit your needs.

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