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MT5 MTS-SET Gateway




The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), which includes Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), is using a trading system called SET_CONNECT. Using the standard FIX protocol ©MetaTrader 5 MTS-SET Gateway acts as a bridge between SET_CONNECT trading system and ©MetaTrader 5 Platform enabling traders access to SET products using ©MetaTrader 5 Terminal.


©MetaTrader 5 MTS-SET Gateway is part of ©MetaTrader 5 Platform enables brokers to provide their clients with access to SET products.


Below underlying assets are currently available:





Gateway Installation


  1. Create a folder named "MTS-SETGateway" at "MT5_DIRECTORY\History\Gateway" where MT5_DIRECTORY is the installation folder for ©MetaTrader5 Platform.

  2. Copy MTS-SETGateway.exe module into "MT5_DIRECTORY\History\Gateway\MTS-SETGateway".

  3. Using ©MetaTrader 5 Administrator please create a new Symbols folder named “SET”.

  4. Using ©MetaTrader 5 Administrator please create a new group (i.e. demo\demofutures) that will be used for Futures trading.  

  5. To ensure correct margin calculation for Futures products set Risk Management to “for Retail Forex, CFD, Futures”.

  6. Add a new MTS-SET Gateway configuration under Gateways and select default parameters when prompted.

  7. Add the new group created at "Step 4” to the Groups tab found under the gateway properties.

  8. Add “SET\*” in the Symbols tab and make sure to check “Allow importing symbol settings” setting. (This will automatically import product details from the exchange)


NOTE: If MTS-SET Gateway entry is missing from the dropdown please refer back to “Step 1)” and check that the “MTS-SETGateway.exe” file is correctly placed in the dedicated folder.


How to order the Gateway


The gateway is an extension to the server functionality.


Stock Index and Individual Stocks

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