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Pending Stop Block Plugin




The Pending Stop Block plugin is intended to prevent users from requesting a “Buy Stop” and “Sell Stop” order. This plugin will instruct the MetaTrader 4 Platform in rejecting any “Buy Stop” and “Sell Stop” pending orders.


Plugin Installation


To install the plugin, the MetaTrader Server 4 program has to be stopped temporary before copying the MTS-PendingStopBlock.dll file into the “MetaTraderServer4/plugin” in the server root directory.


  1. To stop the server, click on Start > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. Under the Services window, look for MetaTrader Server 4 and click it.

  3. On the General tab, under Service status, click on the “Stop” button and wait for the MetaTrader server to stop.

  4. Transfer/Copy the MTS-PendingStopBlock.dll file into the server root directory “plugin” folder.

  5. Go back to Services window, click “Start” button to start the MetaTrader Server 4 program.


How to order the plugin


The plugin is an extension to the server functionality.

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