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MetaTrader 4 Risk Tool Plugin



The Risk Tool plugin is intended to help manage various trade requests and administer control over potential risky trade activities. This tool has the capability of processing requests and work manually as well as automatically. A database will be associated with the plugin to determine the assortment of groups definitions, user/group relationships and configurations of how to handle requests.

Plugin Installation


To install the plugin, the MetaTrader Server 4 program has to be stopped temporary before copying the MTS-RiskTool.dll file into the “MetaTraderServer4/plugin” in the server root directory.

  1. To stop the server, click on Start > Administrative Tools > Services.

  2. Under the Services window, look for MetaTrader Server 4 and click it.

  3. On the General tab, under Service status, click on the “Stop” button and wait for the MetaTrader server to stop.

  4. Transfer/Copy the MTS-RiskTool.dll file into the server root directory “plugin” folder.

  5. Go back to Services window, click “Start” button to start the MetaTrader Server 4 program.


How to order the plugin


The plugin is an extension to the server functionality.

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